Wedding Ensembles

007_Musiconsultant | New Orleans Wedding Team001_Musiconsultant | New Orleans Wedding Team

MusiConsultant offers chamber music ensembles in the following packages:

Solo (violin, organ)
Available to play at your request.

Duet (2 violins)
Light, simple and elegant sounding. An economy package.

Trio (2 violins+piano/double bass)
Has a lovely and somewhat full sound, with 3-part harmonies. For outdoor receptions or ceremonies, we highly recommend the 2 violins+double bass combination.

Quartet (2 violins+viola+cello)
The classical quartet. Provides a very full and rich sound, works well for larger and indoor celebration where a piano is not available.

Quartet (2 violins+double bass+piano)
Provides a very full and rich sound, works well for larger and indoor celebration where a piano is available.

Quintet (2 violins+organist+trumpeter+vocalist)
This is truly a deluxe musical experience. The possibility is almost endless. From soulful love songs to classical favorites. You won’t be disappointed.

These are the most commonly used ensemble combinations; However we can accomodate your special needs (different instruments, more musicians, etc). For more information or to inquire about rates, please Contact Us or call 985-510-1295.

Note: MusiConsultant Ensembles are available to play at outdoor and indoor sites. However, for outdoor functions, a tent or shelter will be needed in case of rain, hot sunlight or cold weather (temperature below 65 degrees), since extreme weather conditions may damage our instruments.


Q: How can Musiconsultant offer the best prices?
A: Most music contractors hire US to play at your wedding. In order to have a profit they have to charge YOU extra. By hiring us directly, you will have the same quality without having to pay extra money for the ‘middleman’.

Q: Why there are no prices on the website?
A: In order to offer you the best possible prices, they are confidential.
However, by simply Contacting Us or calling 985-510-1295 you can get a quick quote.

Q: How can I get my free tickets?
A: If you hire Musiconsultant for your wedding, you are eligible for up to 4 tickets (up to $150 value!). Tickets are offered on a “first come, first served” basis. This offer is not available for sold out concerts. Please check the program and let us know in advance when you would like to attend.